Frequently Asked Questions


We accept applicants who are at least 18 years old, graduate of the K to 12 program/ College undergraduate/ Vocational graduate/College graduate

Yes, we welcome applicants without prior ESL experience as well as industry shifters.  UTalk aims to provide as many job opportunities as possible for Filipinos who have the passion and determination to be the prime online educators in the Philippines.

Minimum of 25 peak hours/week (5hrs of which MUST be on weekends)
Minimum of 2 peak hours/day (you can choose your rest days).

To ensure quality and uninterrupted classes, we require the system requirements to be met. This is for the comfort of both teacher and student.

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 ONLY
CPU/Processor: Intel Core i3(5th gen & above), i5,i7, AMD Ryzen Series, a8,a9 and above
RAM/MEMORY: At least 8GB
Internet/Bandwidth: Must have minimum of 2mbps upload and 5Mbps download speed (DSL/Fiber).
Must be connected to LAN and no wireless
Headset: With a noise cancelling feature
Ambiance: Quiet/Very minimal noise
Working webcam
Disk Space: At least 30GB free disk space

SSD Hardrive is highly recommended
MAC OS is not allowed
Requirements may change based on the demand

Our teaching platform was initially developed to be compatible with Windows OS users. At the moment, our in-house software developers are further developing the platform to be compatible with Mac OS. However, as to the exact time when this will be completed at the moment is indefinite. Our developers would like to ensure the smooth transition of the implementation of this new platform software thus this will take time.

Yes, we welcome applicants who don’t have any prior online/offline teaching experience. Though certification related to teaching (e.g. TESOL) is a plus, this is not a requirement.

UTalk has been able to build a strong and stable relationship with our educational institution partners in China by highlighting our Filipino teacher’s outstanding teaching skills. We have prided ourselves that Filipino teachers are a cut above the rest. At the same time, we also acknowledge the fact that some students would prefer native speakers for their teachers. However, at this point, this option is not yet something the UTalk management is looking into. The management, however, may offer such opportunities to non-Filipinos in the future. Rest assured that should this happen; we will officially announce it via our different official social media accounts. We encourage you to follow our official social media accounts to keep updated with future announcements that may be in relation to this matter.

In as much as we want to offer this Home-based job to Filipinos overseas, we may encounter some challenges when it comes to logistics and payment processes. However, rest assured that this is being considered by the management. Should there be an update regarding this matter, we will officially announce it via our different official social media accounts. We encourage you to follow our official social media accounts to keep updated.

We accept applicants who are students, working full-time in another organization, or even those working part-time with other ESL schools or companies. All we have to ensure is that you are able to meet the minimum required number of work hours per week.

UTalk clients are very particular when it comes to ensuring that our teachers conduct a smooth flowing class reflective of our commitment to provide the highest quality of education to the student. In order for a class to proceed without interruptions, a stable internet connection is a must. Unfortunately, with Wifi connections, the likelihood of unstable signal is a lot higher compared with a LAN or wired internet connection.

Hiring Process

Yes, we give our successful applicants training for 2 days. The purpose of the training sessions is to ensure that you will be equipped with the proper tool navigation skills and teaching techniques when conducting your classes.

There are 2 ways to upload. Please try using these options via different browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or your phone’s built-in browser.

Option 1: (Question 8)
Please go to On the page, press the mic icon to start recording. Once done recording, click “”Save & Share””. A link will appear below the recording, copy paste this link into the box below.

Option 2: Upload an mp3 recording using your phone (Question 9)
Record your voice using the “”voice recorder”” on your mobile phone. Save the file
and just upload in the box in the survey form.

You will see “Save Success “ phrase in green font appear on the upper most part of the screen.

A. Applications go through the hiring process from Audio Recording all the way to Job Offer in approximately 3 days. This can be as short as 1 day processing provided that the applicant is available to go through the entire hiring process within the day. However, there are instances when applicant is not reachable or is not responsive to messages from the assigned Recruiter, thus, causing some delays in completing the process right away. This is why we highly encourage those who are contacted by the Recruiter upon passing the Audio Recording Assessment, that you make yourselves available within the day to provide all other additional requirements to the Recruiter as a way to expedite the process.

Hiring Process Flow:

Step 1: Pass the Audio Recording Assessment (Pronunciation, Grammar, Tone and Accent)
Step 2: Pass the Technical Check of your computer system
Step 3: Pass the Demo Recording Assessment
Step 4: Accept Job Offer
Step 5: Line Check with China IT Team and Booking for Training.

UTalk has always been proud of its brand of Quality Online English as Second Language Education as provided by Filipino teachers. It has achieved its prominence in this industry because of the positive feedback from students and parents that UTalk has continuously received throughout its years. The teachers play a major role in this sought-after high quality of ESL education provided by UTalk. As such, UTalk has to ensure that we are joined by the cream-of-the-crop teachers in the Philippines. UTalk is constantly looking for Prime Teachers who are passionate about teaching and able to deliver classes that go over and beyond the student’s expectation of a typical online English class.

Perks and Incentives

The starting rate is between Php 150-P190 per hour and can go higher when you work longer with UTalk and with more valid classes conducted.

Yes, we have a lot of incentive programs that will definitely bring you more financial freedom! Our incentive programs are designed to give our teachers We have special monthly offers as well, exclusively given to applicants within the advertised time period so don’t get left behind and apply as soon as you see these ads!

Home-based teachers are expected to pay for their own monthly contributions for these agencies.

Service Fee is released every 10th and 25th of the month.Payment method is via our partner bank EastWest Bank. All our teachers must open a personal account so as to ensure smooth processing and crediting of your service fee.

The subsidy program is designed to assist our newly hired teachers financially, as they try to learn the ropes of being a UTalk Teacher and get more and more booking resulting to gradual increase in their net service fee.

Class and Student

Peak Hours
* Mon-Fri (5pm-10pm)
* Sat-Sun (9am-10pm)
You can also open slots between these days and hours:
* Mon-Fri (1pm-10pm)
* Sat-Sun (9am-10pm)

Yes, you can choose your rest days for as long as you are able to meet the work hours required.

Classes can be one time experience classes and can be fixed (maintain same student for a period of time usually 3-6 months).

We maintain a UTalk-developed application used for our classes which will be installed in your computer during the Job Offer stage.

Yes, we will give our teachers copies of the lessons to be used in classes. These lessons have been specially designed and developed by our Team of seasoned Lesson Developers to ensure quality of the materials. As a teacher, all you have to basically do is read from the script included in each of the lesson materials.

We cater to kids from grade school until senior high school based in China. These students came from our partner educational system, Joy School which is one of the biggest in Mainland China. As such, compared with other ESL companies, we have a more stable source of regular students unlike with competitors.

Since we cater to students who go to regular school, they are most available to attend UTalk classes after school hours and during weekends. This is also the reason behind our peak hours of 5pm-10pm on weekdays and 9am-10pm on weekends.

Peak hours are the time of day when we expect the most number of students who are online and ready to attend their classes. In UTalk’s case, we have the most number of online students Mondays to Fridays 5pm-10pm (which is after regular school in China) and Saturdays to Sundays 9am-10pm (when kids stay at home since there’s no regular school).

Yes, we implement a “No Class, No Pay” policy. The Home-based Teacher is considered as an Independent Service Provider (ISP) as such, the teacher is paid for the services that are able to meet the requirements of the company. Thus, if no service is rendered, no pay is given.

In relation to this, as we continuously strive to stay committed to our clients that we will provide uninterrupted quality classes, we have to make sure that all classes are conducted as scheduled. We work together as a team to assure our clients that there will be a teacher to facilitate the learning. As these clients pay in advance, should there be any reason for the class not to be conducted by the assigned teacher, there will be penalties charged to UTalk by the parents of the student. Other than this, it will also have a direct impact on UTalk’s reputation among parents who may spread the word about such an unfortunate experience. To avoid these, should a service provider be unable to conduct the class, the work around is for another teacher to take over the class just to make sure that the student doesn’t miss-out on his lessons.